About RantNetwork

RantNetwork, Inc. has become the Leader in Image and Text Translation Services for the Global Communications Market. RantNetwork’s early vision of a mobile application which combines the text scanner function with machine translation technology was an industry first. The labors of that vision gave birth to Communilator, an award winning “best of breed” solution based on the integration of mobile, internet and machine language translation technologies. RantNetwork’s latest offering is OPI Translate, representing the fusion of enhanced Communilator translation functions and on demand access to live interpretation Services. OPI Translate incorporates the latest voice recognition, voice synthesizers and photo recognition technology combined with a 7000 strong interpreter network for instant access to human translators in over 150 languages 24/7 365 days a year.


Ben Franklin 2012 Product Innovation Award

TUAW Best of 2011

NJTC Mobile Application Content Award

NJTC Mobile/Social Entrepreneurship Award

AppPicker "2013 Best App For Learning a Foreign Language"


Mobile Government

When Techquest Pa was positioning Pennsylvania to become a Mobile Government Leader, they turned to RantNetwork, the Leader in Image and Text Translation Services for the Global Communications Market, to speak at the Government Mobility Symposium. As the only statewide trade association representing Pennsylvania’s technology industry, TechQuest plays a vital role in advancing the technology agenda in the Commonwealth while serving the needs of its diverse membership. TechQuest Pennsylvania's proven track record has assisted thousands of technology companies and individuals grow and succeed in Pennsylvania.

COMMUNILATOR in the Classroom.

BLaST Intermediate Unit 17 (serving Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan and Tioga counties) was created by the state legislature in 1971 to serve as a regional service agency to the public and non-public schools of the locale. The EYE program was developed with the idea that even student have great ideas. But as a student they don’t always have access to the right environment to help those ideas grow. It is in that spirit that the Entrepreneurial Youth Experience was created. RantNetwork is proud to participate in this effort! More . . .


The Zeigler Institute for Professional Development, part of the Bloomsburg University Department of Business, is a comprehensive educational experience designed to help students build the personal and professional capacities necessary for career success.The goal is to not only assist students in pursuing careers that are a good fit for them personally, but they will acquire the well-rounded perspective necessary to become valued employees and successful business owners. RantNetwork joins the list of valued panelist who present annually at the ZIPD conference. More . . .


Music may be the universal language, but the languages we speak are not. The collaborative efforts of RantNetwork, viaEdTechnologies, and BLaST IU17, will unite students around the globe in music and language. RantNetwork is excited to have the opportunity to be a major contributor in an educational project which will greatly impact how students around the world will be taught and will experience music. More . . .

GSKIZ Venture Plan Competition

When the Greater Susquehanna Valley KIZ in conjunction with Bucknell University, Susquehanna Univeristy and Bloomsburg University is host to the annual Business Venture Plan Competition, RantNetwork is called upon to participate in and judge the competition. The program creates a "knowledge neighborhood" in which educational institutions, economic developers, businesses, capital sources, and community leaders can connect with one another quickly and effectively to provide a network of support and resources for young entrepreneurs. Formed to foster local job growth the KIZ aids entrepreneurs, newly formed startup companies, and mature companies identify and capitalize on new ideas and opportunities.