Premium Interpretation Services


RantNetwork has made it easier than ever to to access a Live Interpreter for whatever your needs may be. We provide one button access to low cost “Live” interpretation services for over 150 languages and dialects 24/7/365! Our interpreter’s are proficient in legal, business, and government and medical/healthcare in addition to many other terminologies. All of our interpreters are bilingual/bicultural professionals trained to perform complex tasks including listening to the speaker, analyzing a fleeting and yet real message in its entirety, interpreting the message into another language while preserving the characteristics of cultural form and substance.


With OPI Translate there is NO set minimum usage charge- No need to buy a bundle of minutes you may never use. You won’t find a set-up charge, monthly fees, or contract – pay only when you use the service! Interpretation rates are based on a small per minute usage charge. It’s there when you need it. For just $2.50 per minute, you can access a live interpreter- anytime, anywhere! Corporate OPI service volume discounts and OPI Translate distribution agreements are offered.


Whether you’re dealing with the unpredictable stress of a 911 emergency or have a recurring need for “Live” interpretation services, we understand that both time and quality are essential. Each time you utilize OPI for any of our 150 languages, you can expect a professional interpreter with these skills:

  • Fluency in the interpretive languages
  • General knowledge and intimate familiarity with both cultures
  • Ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages
  • General knowledge of the subject to be interpreted
  • Bound by strict confidentiality agreements
  • One-Button access


Using an interpreter involves more than finding someone who speaks a foreign language. Industry needs can be very specific. Our certified interpreters are able to meet those needs across all industries. Legal: Bring OPI Translate into the courtroom with you! Interpreters are needed in civil and criminal legal proceedings. Their ability to interpret complex legal issues, without changing the speaker’s legal register, is crucial. Law firms handling cases involving Limited English Proficiency individuals have immediate access to OPI interpreters for use during depositions, meetings and other situations requiring language interpretation.

GENERAL BUSINESS: Take control of the board room! Our business interpreters are experienced and available to meet a broad range of needs for different industry sectors, including financial, insurance, telecom, utilities, manufacturing and transportation. OPI Translate allows you to set up multilingual meetings and conferences. In addition, our qualified interpreters are able to step in as extensions to corporate call centers and help desk teams.

GOVERNMENT: Let OPI Translate bring you into compliance with Federal laws such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Executive order 13166 dictate that Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals in the U.S. have meaningful access to interpretive services in their native tongue when applying for government programs and activities.

HEALTHCARE/MEDICAL FIELDS: Qualified medical interpreters can mean the difference between life and death! Whether you are traveling in a foreign country or need to assist LEP individuals here in the U.S., we are committed to ensuring our medical interpreters provide a trusted communication link.